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Interracial comix with white girl measuring black monster

interracial comixinterracial comix
When reality just isn't enough! POONNET.COM is a site built and run by artists
HERE you'll find pinups, comics and illustrations, most of which will be of a interracial natureBIG BLACK COCKS AND HORNY WHITE SLUTS!
interracial comixinterracial comix
PoonNet Interracial Comics
“Do you masturbate to make it go down?" “No, I just walk down the beach until I meet a woman to take care of it for me.“ “You're kidding? I'm sorry if I ruined your day." The day ain't over Mrs. Simpson." "What do you do if you don't meet a woman?" "It has not happened yet" "Joseph, I would like to get a DNA sample." "What do you mean?" "I would like a sample of your sperm and I'm also interested in seeing the amount of ejaculate those large balls of yours produce. Would you masturbate for me?" "No, my people do not masturbate." Angie's stomach fell with disappointment. "You can jerk it off for me if you want to see my sperm that bad. ■What? I couldn't do that." "Come on lady. You're a scientist. All you have to do is be clinical about it. My cock won't hurt you. It don't bite." Angie furrowed her brow and shook her head to dear it. She couldn't think straight, She couldn't think beyond that foot long rod staring her in the face. She wanted to touch it. She wanted to make it cum. "Ok, I’ll get some hand cream," she said getting up. "I'll sit down on the couch and you can kneel between my legs while you jerk off my cock." "I was thinking, I would just stand behind you and stroke it for a few minutes until you ejaculate." "It's safer my way. You can make sure I cum on my chest instead of your carpet and I don't know what you're used too, but it will take a lot longer then a few minutes. "Interesting. I should time it then and you're probably right about the position."