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free interracial comixfree interracial comix
When reality just isn't enough! POONNET.COM is a site built and run by artists
HERE you'll find pinups, comics and illustrations, most of which will be of a interracial natureBIG BLACK COCKS AND HORNY WHITE SLUTS!
free interracial comixfree interracial comix
PoonNet Interracial Comics
'Hand me the camera, I want to get a shot of your testicles. Hold your penis up so that I get a dear photo." Angie clenched a fist to get a comparison shot against his balls, finding them as large as her fist, probably twice as large as any nut sack she had ever seen in any book. When Joseph released his penis it stood straight out from his crotch, completely hard. She gave him the camera back and held the dollar up against his thick shaft. It took over one and a half bills from base to tip. She estimated it at a foot long, maybe a little more. His entire penis was dark black, crisscrossed with dark blue veins. She stared at the thick head for close to five minutes then wrote in her notebook: Appears bigger then afoot, head the size of a golf ball. Precum glistened on the tip and a large drop formed, falling to the floor. His precum was almost as much as one of her husband's real orgasms. “Do you smell something?" she asked. Angie sniffed the air around Joseph's penis. She smelled a strong masculine scent. It didn't stink, it was actually a very enticing aroma. She could almost sense his need to cum. Her own nipples ached they were so hard. She had been so caught up in her research that she hadn't been aware of her own arousal.