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When reality just isn't enough! POONNET.COM is a site built and run by artists
HERE you'll find pinups, comics and illustrations, most of which will be of a interracial natureBIG BLACK COCKS AND HORNY WHITE SLUTS!
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Devon hopped on his scooter and traveled to Trinibogo's command center. After the disaster, a hurricane shelter had been carved into the side ofTrinibogo's peak. A secret door led to the nucleus of the island, the video monitors connected to the cameras hidden in every room and bungalow on the island. Except for a few select wells, all the water on the island was laced with Xcite and would make the women unusually horny while making their men impotent One by one, the female guests were seduced by the "enhanced" islanders. The prettier ones were broadcast over the internet to E&l's online subscribers. Many were blackmailed for money. Critics and travel agents had been seduced or blackmailed into giving rave reviews of the new resort. After only a few short months, 8 out of every 10 women visiting the island had given into their lust and fucked islanders. In addition to internet feeds and video taping, the cameras were used to follow the movements of the couples to see when the women were alone and vulnerable. No TVs kept the guests bored and out looking for something to do. After a couple days, women were usually so horny they could think of nothing Devon walked over to the monitors and watched Angie changing into a string bikini. The brunette beauty had the body of a stripper and bore a striking resemblance to the actress Denise Richardson. Her breasts were so big and firm they looked like she would burst out of her bikini. This one would definitely go out over the internet.