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interracial cartoon porninterracial cartoon porn
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HERE you'll find pinups, comics and illustrations, most of which will be of a interracial natureBIG BLACK COCKS AND HORNY WHITE SLUTS!
interracial cartoon porninterracial cartoon porn
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Angie thanked the bartender for the drink and turned around a little flushed. He was another giant black man like the ones that had greeted them at the plane. She was wearing a halter top and skirt with her hair done up. The man had openly ogled her body as she ordered a drink. His attitude was one of complete superiority, like she was his for the asking. Angie felt her nipples popping out under his scrutiny. Jim was at the concierge making reservations for his first fishing trip tomorrow. She saw an empty seat across from a woman and said, "Mind if I sit down?” "You too, huh?" said the woman. -What's thatr 'Here for the men." Tm not sure what your talking about," said Angie sipping her drink. The woman was slurring her words and appeared inebriated. "I'm here with my husband on vacation. Aren't you?" "My vacation ended weeks ago." "Oh, then where's your husband?" "I sent him packing. He will never satisfy me again. I'm staying till my money is gone, then they tell me I can stay on as a maid or something." Angie still couldn't quite make out what the woman was talking about. "You're telling me you like it here so much, you're going to stay and become a maid?" "Its the black cock that I like so much. These men are huge. IVe fucked eight of them and there hasn't been a cock under ten inches." Angie wanted to laugh at the woman's drunken fantasies. "I can assure you that the male penis doesn't get much bigger then six inches amongst any culture or race in the world. Ten inch penises are rarities in nature that occur only amongst a few individuals and never amongst a small group." "How do you know? You ever fucked a black guy?" "I'm an anthropologist and I've participated in several studies of sex organs on both men and women. Men don't have large penises largely because women aren't built to accommodate them." Angie didn't answer the second question. She had only slept with Jim, but it was none of this drunken fools business. The woman actually laughed at her. "Be at the North beach tomorrow around noon and you'll see the truth."